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Best voice changer apps: Voice changer apps are used for changing the voice tone so that you can play notoriously with your friends. It is just to do prank calls so that you can irritate your friends and relatives. Imagine you called your relative from your mobile phone and the voice is not of yours.

This will amaze your relatives that the voice is not at all recognizable. They will be afraid and they will really get afraid. The moment they start doing panic you just reveal the truth. Isn’t it exciting? Amazing. So voice changer apps are really good for those who love to make pranks on people.


voice changer apps

But the problem is that the voice changer apps are not available widely on the app store. They don’t work so well on your smartphones. So now we will be looking into top voice changer apps like english learning apps which will help you in changing your voice.

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Voice Changing Apps

Know about the best voice changing apps from us in a easy way.

Voice changer with effects

This is one of the decent voice changer apps which is majorly liked by people. You can even record your sound and then you can change them to various voice. There are various voice options available like you can change to robot, some renowned actor and many more. You can then save your new voice and then start playing. People will literally get afraid after listening to that voice. Then you can save your new voice and then share them through WhatsApp. Also you can share your voice as ringtone. This will make your friends afraid that who exactly the person is speaking.



The app is very cool and it is compatible with different platform wither it be Android, Windows and MAC. It is really a good app and is absolutely free. You don’t have to pay anything and you will get a perfect voice changer apps with effects. This is an awesome app which you can go for, you just try this app and then give your feedback.

Robovox Voice Changer Pro

This is also one of the top rated female voice changer apps available on app store for voice changer. It has a free version as well as paid also. In free version there are limited features. While in paid version you will get all the features which will enhance the app. The voices are almost 32 so that you can wide variety of voices to change to. It has also a good interface to change the pitch of your voice so as to make it more attractive. Also one famous voice changer is parrot voice changer. Whatever you will repeat in the phone the parrot will speak the same thing in different tone.


Also you can yourself listen to altered voice so that you can actually feel that whether the voice is looking different or not. Also the voice you can save on your mobile and then share your voice through WhatsApp or add it as ringtone. It is a really good voice changer app. This app has a paid version in which you have to some money and it will be absolutely amazing.

Voice Changer by androbaby

It is also one of the good call voice changer apps to change your voice. If you are notorious and thinking to prank on someone by manually changing your voice then leave that idea. Just go for voice changer app and your work will be done. It has a really good interface and it is absolutely free. It supports various platforms. In it there are various voices are available ranging from robot to smurfs. These will really make your task easier. Also after changing your voice you can record them and then listen to it.


By listening you will get to know whether your voice has changed or not? It has simple features but this is absolutely free. For a beginner it is a golden chance. Just go for this app and enjoy changing your voice and doing prank with people.

Call Voice Changer Apps

So now we have looked at 3 voice changer apps mean while have a glance on top caller id apps for android. All are available free of cost. They all are great. So let us now look at 2 more voice changer apps which will make your task easier. Let us look more into them.

Voice Changer( Prank)

This app is also one of the good voice changing app to know how to change you voice. It has a superb interface in which you can change your volume of the voices. In this about 64 kinds of voice effects are available which you can use in background to add to your voice. Ranging from train sound to cricket ball. It will really enhance the background sound of your voice. You can then listen to your voice and then share through various social platforms like Facebook, YouTube or Twitter.


The best feature of this app is alien sync mode in which alien try to do the lip movement in the way you do. This will literally make the other people believe that this is your voice but something drastic has happened to your voice. This is absolutely free and is compatible with multiple platforms. Just go for this app and enjoy a lot.

Call voice changer – Intcall

This app is perfect voice changer app for changing your voice in the time when you are actually calling someone. In fact you will be able to change the pitch of your voice. You can even add crazy effects to your voices. This app is free and you will be able to use this app without paying any bucks. In this you get to change the voice within 1 minutes only but after 1 minutes you need to pay some bucks.


Also with the help of this app you will be able to make a call through VOIP. This will save your money and you will be able to use this app without any restrictions.


So now when you will be able to change your voice just install any of the real time voice changer app. The app which you now want to install depends only on your preferences. It depends whether you want a free app or not. So it is your time to decide. Make a wise decision and all the best!!