WhatsApp Alternatives to Chat in Online

Whatsapp alternatives: Are you are surely looking for different alternatives to WhatsApp that allow you to keep in touch, both in personal life, as in business, social services and other relationships that merit real time, in a reliable, direct and without interference from Some kind. In addition to this offer written language alternatives, videos, images, video calls, audios, etc at very low cost.

Your wishes have come true thanks to the services provided by WhatsApp as a means of social communication. Oh, but now you want to try other alternatives similar to this one? Here we present them to you.


WhatsApp Alternatives

We invite you to know each one of the applications so that you can keep yourself constantly informed and everything that they include in their services. As you can see, WhatsApp is only one part. Let’s see!

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Best Alternatives to WhatsApp

WhatsApp is not the only communications application on the market, there are many others with similar features, each with its own features and advantages available for Android and iOS operating systems, with which you can test and measure which one is most favorable for you. Meet four of the best downloadable apps from the web for free and get up to date with social networks:


It is one of the most useful applications at the moment. It was created to send written messages, files, images and videos with great configuration options, such as: bold and italic scripts, sending video messages, customizing the text size and many more.

whatsapp alternatives


Among its advantages are that it is totally free, without paid subscriptions and has no advertising interference. The messages sent are encrypted and can be self-destructing, with a high reliability and power security system, based on cloud and open source. It also has unlimited storage of multimedia content. Will it have a disadvantage? Yes, it still does not have a call service.


It is one of the messaging applications that has arrived to compete freely with WhatsApp, since, apart from receiving and sending text messages. With the purchase of credits you can make voice calls to smartphones with other applications and even conventional phones.

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With Viber you can project videoconferences, make group conversations with hundreds of users where everyone will intervene, personalize chat, take and send photos, all this instantaneously.

Another advantage is that despite requesting your phone number, do not share it on Facebook, it is also completely free, so it is available to everyone. It uses WIFI, 3G signal and the most advanced in the market. It is applicable to: Windows Phone, iPhone, Android, Mac and Windows, among many.


Another alternative to WhatsApp that you can choose without a doubt is Snapchat. An application created to keep you connected in real time with all the people you want, whether by: text messaging, making videos, taking and sending photographs, sharing images and different multimedia. You can send them individually or in a contact list.

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One of the peculiar features of Snapchat is the duration of the data you send, with this mechanism you predetermine how long the data sent on the recipient’s screen will last and after this time they are automatically deleted from the Snapchat server. If you use Android or iOS technology you can download it for free.

Facebook Messenger

Who does not know the popular Facebook Messenger? Although it may not seem like it, it’s another WhatsApp competition that has left a mark in the history of social networks. We all know the benefits of this application where the best moments are stored in different photo albums, which you can share with the people you love.

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In addition, with your Messenger system you can write an unlimited number of people or create groups of your contacts to share the same information. With Facebook, you can make video calls or video conferences, send videos, create publications and share photos, files and any other information you want to send. The most fascinating thing for the lovers of computer games is the reproduction of Instant Games incorporated into Messenger.

You can download it in Smartphone, iPad, tables, laptop, computer and other devices adapted to new technologies. It is totally free, and with an easy to control disadvantage: your phone number can be seen by your contacts if you wish.

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You already knew different communication applications with which you can keep up to date on your social networks, which one do you choose? All of them are downloadable on smartphones and will become your perfect tool when you’re anywhere in the world.

Take advantage of every resource offered by technology. Do not stay without talking to your friends and family, keep them aware of each important moment of your life by capturing the best images or videos and sharing them on your social networks with the different applications available to you. Download them today!