Whatsapp Down: How To Check If Whatsapp is Down

Do you have a whatsapp, is your whatsapp down. How to check if whatsapp is down or not working properly. WhatsApp is the most used messaging client in the world to communicate with others through smartphones. Nowadays practically all of us depend on this messaging client to communicate with each other. In order for the communication to be able to be carried out correctly in both directions, it is necessary that the entire service be functioning correctly.

However this is not always the case. In many cases it is possible that a WhatsApp server fails in some part of the world and that this causes a malfunction of the service and even that it stops working, making it impossible to send and receive messages and raising complaints from users.


whatsapp down

Before blaming the recipient of the message of not answering or ignoring us, we must check that there is no punctual failure in the messenger service. In this article we will explain two ways to do it, both from the own WhatsApp and from external pages created for that purpose.

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How to Check if WhatsApp Works correctly from our Smartphone

  • The first thing we must do is download the latest version of WhatsApp and install it on our device, since the older versions stop working after a while.
  • Once we make sure we have the latest version installed, we must open the messaging client options menu to access the Settings> Information and help section.
  • Here we will see several options more related to the service.
  • Click on “System Status” and the program will check the connectivity with the servers and see if you can communicate correctly with them or otherwise, there is a problem and the service is not working properly.

How To Check If Whatsapp is Down

  • This system is not 100% reliable since in some occasions it can return false positives indicating that the system works correctly when it is not (according to the server that has failed).
  • So you have to make sure that the service works correctly, it is possible to use certain web pages created to verify connectivity with certain servers.

How to Check if WhatsApp Works Correctly from a Web Page

  • In the network there are several web pages developed to check if a web or a service works correctly or otherwise, it may be failing.
  • One of these pages is Down detector, a platform that shows us the general state of the service and the number of incidents reported, in real time by other users.
  • There is also know that whatsapp it is Down, a platform that makes a series of periodic connections to the servers to check if they work properly.

We can also always use social networks such as Twitter or Facebook because, at the moment when it fails for the first time there are always users who start asking the rest of their contacts if they are also failing to service them.

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With this you can easily fix if your whatsapp is down or is not opening properly. In most of the cases if the whatsapp down issue is arises then they will simply take the device to service center, but you can know that the error can be easily fixed by urself. If you want to know more about the whatsapp is down or not then visit our ttop10 for more information.