Whatsapp Not Working Here Are Different solutions

Do you have a smartphone then obviously you will have whatsapp in it. Have you ever faced any issue like whatsapp not working or is not opening. Then you can simply see our guide and know about some possible solutions to fix whatsapp application.

Having a smartphone and not using WhatsApp is something truly peculiar. This application has become essential and when it does not work we are in some way. Obviously we can use other apps or call, but it’s always a problem. You can also see the whatsapp group names list from us.


whatsapp not working

We are going to tell you what you can check if WhatsApp does not work. The idea is to check what the problem is and solve it, within our possibilities. See all the possibilities and fix the issues on whatsapp.

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How to Fix If Whatsapp Not Working

If you have a whatsapp not working on wifi or with your mobile data then you can simply see the below methods and solve it by urself.

Check if we have a connection

It is obvious that WhatsApp needs a data connection to the Internet so the first thing we have to look at is if our mobile has an operative:

  • Wifi: Check that we are connected to the network that we use. We can use other apps to verify that it works.
  • Data: Deactivate the Wifi connection and use the data, verifying that we have coverage.

whatsapp not working on wifi


Check Notifications

It is possible that the application is not sending notifications for any reason, even if we receive the messages. We can check it in the menu of the application and also in the settings of the mobile.

This is tricky especially in Huawei and Xiaomi phones, which in versions somewhat older than the current and had some disadvantages because of energy management.

Restart the Mobile

Sometimes the system freezes some services and does not communicate properly. To solve it we have to make the system start again.

Before that we can activate the airplane mode and deactivate it, but the best thing is usually to turn the phone off and on, or restart it.

Check the System Status

Sometimes the fault is not in our mobile but in the servers of the company. To see if this is the case we must go to the application and enter:

  • Options -> Settings -> Help -> Contact us

If you get the message of the image above the problem is not the terminal, but the same servers of the company.

whatsapp not opening

See the official Twitter

Another way to know if there are massive problems is to look at the updates of the Twitter profile of WhatsApp Status. It is the official channel of the company in that social network to communicate incidents with the service.

Clear the cache

In very extreme cases the application may have been corrupted for some reason. We can try to solve it by deleting the cache. For that we have to go to:

  • Settings> Applications> WhatsApp> Clear cache

If none of this works, the last option is to delete the application and reinstall it.

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With this article may be you can easily fix the whatsapp not opening issue and solve your problem with the whatsapp. If you have any other issues regarding the whatsapp not working then you can simply share with us. Visit our ttop10 for more information.